A (sentimental) mom’s thoughts on moving

As readers know, I’m a terribly sentimental person. At one time, the thought of moving out of the first house that Q and I bought together – and the house that Zoe and Avery were brought home to as newborns – was almost unthinkable. How could I leave behind so many years of family memories? (My sister tells the story of my dad sadly saying good-bye to the various rooms of our house when we moved from Milwaukee to Madison when we were little. I was too young to remember this – but clearly the acorn didn’t fall far from the tree.) But, speaking of my dad, I’m a bit different since losing my parents: Being forced to say good-bye to people you love really puts things in perspective. At the end of day, our little house on Wawona St. is just a place – and the stories and memories we created there moved along with us. And, now we can create more.


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